welcome to sweet

(currently home to 153 little donuts).

sweet is an experimental, lightweight social network, currently in alpha. it is intentionally designed to be less toxic, more radical, and more supportive than other social networks.

sweet is built on privacy.

sweet does not and will never have ads, and we will never share your data with anyone or sell it to anyone. promise. if it becomes too expensive to run the site, we will shut down rather than treat our users as products.

sweet is built on trust.

on sweet, you can trust users alongside following them. users you trust see your private posts, and in return you will be notified of users they have flagged as unsafe in our communities.

sweet is built around communities.

in sweet communities, there are no administrators or moderators. all members share responsibility for managing the community, and decisions like changes to the community rules or banning users are put to a majority vote before they can be enacted. communities can be made private and invite-only. sweet communities are unique and experimental.

sweet is quite buggy!

you are very welcome to use sweet, but please be aware that while we're in alpha, there will be plenty of bugs and things will behave strangely. it will be a huge help if you let me know about these, either on my sweet profile, my twitter, or the sweet github repository. we do our best to safeguard your data, but while we're in alpha, please do not post anything on sweet you're not willing to suddenly lose!

have fun. x