welcome to sweet

(currently home to 162 utopians).

sweet is a utopian social network, an experiment in creating a better online world for folk who are made to feel unsafe online - all are welcome, but we especially seek to create a safer space for queer and trans people, women, disabled people, and people of colour. only by coming together we can work for the abolition of patriarchy and capitalism.

sweet is built on trust.

on sweet, you can trust users alongside following them. users you trust see your private posts, and in return you will see which users they have anonymously flagged as unsafe.

sweet is built on privacy.

sweet will never have ads, never track its users, and never willingly share data with external organisations and services.

sweet is built around communities.

in sweet communities, there are no administrators or moderators. all members share responsibility for managing the community, and decisions like changes to the community rules or banning users are put to a majority vote before they can be enacted. communities can be made private and invite-only.

have fun and be kind. x