Sweet is shutting down and is no longer accepting new registrations or posts. It has been a wonderful adventure to run Sweet and share it with you all! With love, Raphael.
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Do you have feelings about something? Do you feel the need to discuss those feelings with others but no-one understands you? Have you tried expressing those feelings to others and they have all looked at you blankly as if you are a pulsating green orb?

This is a place for Big Feelings about pretty much anything. Food, cats, politics, books, bed linen, trams. Whatever you like. A place to get a little vulnerable, be a little humble, and show a great deal of compassion to your fellow pulsating orbs. Everyone is really into something and sharing enthusiasm and feelings is fun!

Be excellent to eachother.


Please follow the guidelines laid out in the Community Covenant, available to read here: community-covenant.net/version/1/0

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