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This comm is for People With Brain Things to discuss/recommend/bond over/meme about stuff related to the Things.

We welcome people with all kinds of mental health experience, including folks who identify as mentally ill and/or disabled, folks who identify as neurodivergent and/or neuroatypical and/or neurodiverse, and people who are like idk trauma. The common thread is basically having your brain do things that you and/or society have trouble dealing with.


Please follow the guidelines laid out in the Community Covenant, available to read here: community-covenant.net/version/1/0

Please keep in mind the fine line between using ableist language like crazy or, er, headcase, in a self-deprecating humour kind of way, Vs in a way that marks someone out as a figure of contempt. Don't do that second thing please. It still counts even if you have the same Brain Thing.

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